CILS certification -

CILS certification

We have recently become an officially approved examination centre for the CILS exams.

Created by the University of Siena in Italy, the CILS certification attests one’s linguistic-communicative competence in Italian as a second language. The exams are designed to assess how learners use Italian to communicate in real-life situations.

The CILS exams offer a wide range of levels that correspond to increasingly broad degrees of competence, and to different social contexts of language use. There are six levels, following the guidelines in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: LLP.

CILS B1 Cittadinanza

From 4th December 2018 (law 1st Dec 2018, n. 132) all those who apply for Italian citizenship, whether they are married to an Italian or are a resident in Italy, must prove to have an adequate knowledge of the Italian language at a level no lower than B1 Cittadinanza of the Common Reference Framework for the knowledge of languages.