Italian Art & Culture - Neorealism -

Italian Art & Culture – Neorealism

Italian Neorealism has been recognised worldwide as one of the most precious movements in film history.
Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica and Federico Fellini among others looked at the hardships of everyday life in a shattered nation without preconceptions or prejudices.

Their masterpieces had a true social impact, by expanding audiences understanding, and enabling them to change the common perspective of Italian society and national culture.

How much does Italian Neorealism remain influential today and how powerful can art be when used to put society under the spotlight and to tell a story about its constant evolution?

To introduce Italian Neorealism to the younger generation we will be offering a brand new Intensive Italian course over Half-Term breaks and school holidays.

After watching clips from some of the greatest Italian Neorealist films, students will be encouraged to discuss with their teachers the artistic importance as well as the influence these masterpieces have had on the country.

About the course

Italian Neorealism: social impact and cultural legacy
Intensive Course: 1 week, Monday to Friday, 1.5 hours per day


  • Easter Holidays (from Monday 8th to Friday 12th April 2024)

This intensive course will run from Monday to Friday, 1.5 hours per day, for a total of 7.5 hours.
The course will be delivered online on a one-to-one format.

Each student will be assigned a slot when enrolment is confirmed.  


£400 per student per week (7.5 hours, 1.5 per day, Monday to Friday)

Once full payment has been received, you will be able to book your slots.

Sibling discount available.

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