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Our team

Our teachers and tutors are all native speakers, fully qualified and highly experienced in teaching Italian to children, young people and adults.

Our recruitment process assesses not only the teaching techniques and classroom management skills but also the communicative approach.
Our teachers will not only help you learn the language but also give you an insight into the Italian culture through fun and engaging activities tailored to students’ needs and interests.

Regular training is offered to keep our teachers up to date on the latest teaching methods.

Teaching Italian as a second language

Learning and mastering a new language can be daunting: our teachers know how to enrich the learning experience, making it engaging and fun.

Teaching second-generation Italian children

Encouraging children to develop and maintain their heritage language is a big part of our mission. Studies show that bilingualism enhances children’s cognitive abilities and supports the development of their bicultural identity. Our teachers play an important role in empowering children to connect with their roots, whilst having fun and making friends in class.

Our teachers, as well as all of our staff members, are DBS checked.

September 2023 – We are currently recruiting Italian teachers in London, Greater London and other locations
Read the job description and apply.

Thank you again, please do pass on our gratitude to Mattea. My daughter sat through out, engaged, and it was so nice to see the class - well done SIAL.courses: a definite #lockdown success story!

Italian Course - Primary (online class)