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In September 2018 was appointed by the Italian Consulate to run all the Italian courses for children in primary and secondary schools in the South of England and in Wales under its patronage.

The courses are organised with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The ordinary activity of the charity as Managing Body takes place with the support and supervision of the General Consulate of Italy in London and of its School Office, and consists in the management of two types of courses: integrated courses and extracurricular courses.

Integrated Italian language and culture courses

The integrated Italian language and culture courses take place during school hours and the teaching is included in the English and Welsh school system and curriculum.

Currently we are collaborating with several educational institutions and supplying qualified teachers, with LLC expertise, to LA maintained and independent schools both in the London area and in the Cardiff/South Wales area (as part of a project promoted by the Welsh Government, called “Global Features”).

Parents who wish to register a school interested in introducing integrated courses (Italian in the school curriculum during school hours) can get in touch with the School Office of the General Consulate of Italy in London by visiting their website.

After-school Italian courses

Extracurricular Italian courses

Our extracurricular courses run in more than 40 venues in London and the South of England, after school and on Saturdays.

These Italian language and culture courses are aimed at children attending Primary and Secondary schools and run under the patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in London.

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