After-school Italian Courses in London -

After-school Italian Courses

At we offer extracurricular Italian language and culture courses with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in London.

Our courses run in more than 40 venues in the consular district of London, South of England and Wales and are designed for children attending primary (from Y1) and secondary schools.


Why attend an after-school Italian course

Growing up in a culture other than their parents’, makes it harder for children to build their own identity. This is why learning their parents’ language and discovering more about their culture outside their households can spark a light which will guide them through their early life.
Our Italian language and culture courses which run outside of school hours are designed to encourage children to develop and maintain their heritage language and connect with their roots, whilst having fun and making friends in class.

What we offer

Our extracurricular Italian courses are geared towards encouraging your children to develop and maintain their knowledge of the Italian language, while learning and discovering new aspects of Italian culture.

Our courses are aimed at all children attending Primary and Secondary School years and are divided into:

Designed for children attending primary schools (from Y1 to Y6), our courses are aimed at inspiring a love for the Italian language and culture.
Through fun and creative activities led by qualified teachers, children will have the chance to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Designed for Y7, Y8 and Y9 children.
Tailored to the needs and interests of pre-teens, these courses provide basic knowledge of the Italian language for beginners and would also benefit more fluent students by deepening their understanding of the Italian language and culture.

Ideally offered to Y10 and Y11 pupils, but open to Y9 as well, these courses are aimed at preparing students for Italian GCSE exams via a curriculum based on AQA, EDEXCEL or CAMBRIDGE IGCSE specifications. They also provide the opportunity to develop linguistic skills and to obtain a solid base ahead of studying A-LEVELs.

Dedicated to Y12 and Y13 students, but opened to Y11 as well, these courses provide a pleasant learning experience of the Italian language and culture through the study of literature, cinema and history of Italy and other Italophone regions.
The programme is based on EDEXCEL specification and prepares the students for higher education or work.

When and where

These courses run after school or on Saturdays in more than 40 venues in London and the South of England.

How to enrol

Enrolments open in April for the school year starting the following September.

We offer a wide range of Italian courses, with tailor-made programmes designed for children, young people and adult learners.
Whether you are looking for a year-long weekly course or an intensive programme, you will be able to find the best fit for you here: discover more about our courses.