Online-only Italian courses (33 weeks)

In light of the current circumstances concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite likely that all our extracurricular Italian language and culture courses will re-commence in-person for the school year 2021/2022.
Most of our usual venues are getting back to us confirming they will be able to host our courses on their premises.
This means that, unless we face unexpected developments, we will be back to normal from September 2021.
If you would still prefer an online-only course, please confirm your interest by entering your email address below and we will contact you with a time slot and a link to enrol.

Registration will close on the 3rd of September.

Would you rather your child(ren) to attend in-person?
We kindly invite you to enrol as soon as possible: find the venue which suits you best and enrol now.

We very much look forward to welcoming your child(ren) to our classes, either online or in-person!
Should you have any further questions please get in touch with our team at [email protected].